About Me

I live and work in the exciting and creative city by the sea that is Brighton, East Sussex, in the U.K. Its a really quirky and vibrant place with loads of high and lowbrow entertainments!

My background in textile design and particularly weaving is strikingly evident in my 'Paperscapes'. I graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with an MA in textiles working mostly on designing the complex structures of woven and knitted cloth.

My 'Paperscapes' are predominantly white, low relief multi layered contoured maps of pattern and structure. Geometrically abstract, systematic, but also spontaneous and intuitive, they explore ideas about rhythm, sequence, repetition, light and space. These structures are intriguing and complex, benefiting from directional lighting which emphasises the shadows and debth. Cut and constructed manually, they are made from thick paper or board and usually painted or varnished. 

I have more recently been exploring other ways of expressing myself and have got very mucky using dip pens, and vintage 'Graphos' German technical pens with acrylic and india inks. I have an ongoing project of doing a small drawing a day, and am creating a series of bold abstract large drawings, on 56 x 76 cm Fabriano paper. This is technically very demanding work, and for every finished drawing I have several messed up and ruined ones!

 I am also exploring relief and screen printmaking, and also make  'wearable art' lapel pins and other paper based jewellery.